19 Ocak 2014 Pazar


The plot set against Sevan Nisanyan should be abandoned.

In Turkey, a heaven for illegal construction projects, while no one gets punished, Sevan Nisanyan has been sent to jail as of January 2 for constructing supposedly illegal buildings on his own property. Furthermore someone that should be honored by a Nobel Prize for Architecture for what he has done in Sirince Village is facing another 50 years of imprisonment on trumped up charges.

As everyone already knows the reason for these charges have got nothing with illegal construction. He is being punished because of his work on history and language that clashes with the official historiography. Accrodingly a 13.5 month sentence threat given for not interpreting Islamic mythology to the approval of the Islamists is waiting in the appellate court. Because sending Sevan Nisanyan to jail because of his thoughts would create major international reaction, these illegal construction accusation has been created and to send him in jail. The problem is not an illegal construction issue. These trumped up charges should be dropped and he should be set free!

Please e-mail or tweet the following Turkish Authorities to free Nisanyan