5 Ocak 2013 Cumartesi


Özdemir Asaf says, in his wonderful verses “Do not talk with lies in your mouth!”; and he seems like addressing to those who are foaming lies when talking about the Armenian genocide!
The lies of the liers are self-evident; but what of those who consociate with those lies, as if attesting the saying, “When ignorance is innocence!”
So numbered are those who are described by Gilles Deleuze in the terms: “The power invests in the oppressed; traverse them with their help, is supported by them.”
Whatever people say; the negation of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 is an oppression which holds the society to ransom within the clutches of the official ideology; true this is. But it is more than this: It is the banalization of fascism within a anomie which encourages impunity.
The condemnation of a brother nation to an unexampled catastroph in the name of Tukefication of capital is not a tale to be related in the past perfect tense.
Because genocide is our today, as is attested by the reality “One and a half million + Hrant” (or Sevag); it is as actual as the chauvinistic cries during the national football games: “Those who do not stand u pare Armenians!”  
Nobody can negate this: The killers and their collaborators who partook in the killing of our Brother Hrant or in the concealing of the killers are rewarded by the Turkish state. The course of the trial has clearly revealed this fact. The killers of Hrant were protected, encouraged and rewarded by the State; just like the perpetrators of the Genocide. This fact is clearly illustrated by the infamous article 301 of the Turkish penal code…
And this is not surprising at all. For no attempt is made to face with the reality of the Genocide in its 98th anniversary; while an impenetrable silence is stil the official position in matters of confiscated and plundered Armenian goods and the kidnapped Armenian women and children.
And this too is not a surprise. Because the Armenian Genocide is a collectif crime. Each and every section of the dominant nation has in a way benefited from this crime. Honore de Balzac is right in stating: “Behind every great wealth lies a great crime.”
At this point, the attempt at exculpation in the German style “gnade der späte geburt” (to be lucky not to have been born at a certain time in history) is nothing but a liberal delirium, invalid for the Armenian genocide as well.
The past is is the yesterday living in today, as is expressed in the verses of Neyzen Tevfik: “The song is the same song, only the chord has changed; the fist is the same fist only the hand has changed.”
So nobody can be acquitted, nobody can wash his/her hands by saying “I was not/we were not born in 1915”; especially when sitting and living on Armenian goods confiscated by his/her forefathers. This apology is equated to perpetuating the past in the present.
To face the dark phases of history means primarily to get rid of the extensions of the criminals and their crimes still in force today. To shun away from talking about the confiscation and  pillage of Armenian goods or other autrocious acts of the Kemalist regimde is not a sincere manner of confrontation, which will forever distort the future.
At this point, we are once more coming together, to face the realities of the Armenian Genocide; with the clear conscioussness that the “Yes” of those who do not know to say “No” is meaningless; and that the social conscience is an infallible judge. We take the the saying of Eduardo Galeano as our mentor: “I am another you – You are another I”. 
And this, in the Turkey where  the project of the transliteration of the Ottoman land registries into modern Turkish to be issued in the internet was barred by the National Security Council in 2005.